Hello world!

Well, my name is Tameka and I am a Certified Makeup Artist based out of the DC, MD, and VA area. I have had a passion for makeup for about 9 years now and it was only right that I took to pursue my passion to higher lengths.

So almost a year or so ago, I decided to play in makeup because I had been watching the infamous Starh Millan in action for 2 hours straight. He was so animated and down to earth that I just sunk right into whatever he was doing to himself. Well at that point it was highlighting and contouring and at the time it was a huge thing to do. So I went out and bought all this makeup to contour and highlight, said a prayer and applied Starh’s lessons into action. Out of nowhere I became a whole different person. My face was more defined, my cheek bones were chiseled and I wasn’t one tone all around. I was in love with my new fond of contouring and highlighting that I just had to display my hard work onto Instagram. For the first time ever I received more than 20 likes. Jeez, I don’t remember ever getting that much with as little followers I did have, most of them being stars who would never follow back. People who I haven’t talked to in years liked the photo and suggested that I should get a youtube channel to display how I apply my makeup and style my hair (my hair is natural by the way). I contemplated about the youtube videos and thought about the extra cost it would take to run a great channel and quickly opted out of it however, I don’t mind giving tips. Therefore, once I had my plan into action I knew that I couldn’t just rely on makeup tutorials or vloggers from youtube to give me my information, I needed to be certified to do so. Plus it wouldn’t help to learn how to correctly apply some of the products I was using at the time. I searched and searched for a decent priced school to attend. I had to have looked into six schools for them to all be over $1000 to attend. I don’t know about you but, I didn’t have that type of money to be dishing out for a class at that time. I took to asking people on facebook and Instagram if they could lend a helping hand as to telling me where they went to become certified; and every one of them told me about the schools I was trying to avoid. I messaged my step sister, who loves makeup as well, and she told me about this school based out of Temple Hills, Md for just $950 called Playing in Paint Makeup Artistry, LLC. I jumped right into the application process and made it right in time to start the class. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I did much research about the place. That’s how excited and eager I was to attend a certified training course. The training course was about 6-8 weeks and we received our certificates and recommendation letters right after (well sort of). Now I am here trying this blogging thing to share information that I just cannot seem to keep to myself.

What to expect on Beauty-2-Face Blog

  • My reviews on makeup I’ve tried out for the first time.
  • Makeup application tips
  • Makeup hacks and dupes
  • My journey into this big world of makeup artistry as a new makeup artist.
  • and
  • Just about anything I can think of which deals with makeup. LOL.
  • So stay tuned for my next blog. I mean who knows what it will share.

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