I’m getting an ipsy glam bag!!

subscribe to your new glam bag.

I don’t know about you’ll but I love me a great deal/bargain.   I normally shop for makeup items that are discounted or inexpensive but have great quality to them (for personal use). 

Recently,  I have been doing some research on makeup subscription boxes and I came across some really good ones, yet really inexpensive. 
take a look at this article which explains some other great beauty subscriptions…

All of the options available were very appealing but I knew I could only pick one for now.  I was looking for a subscription that catered to my style of makeup and more so, a subscription that is known for makeup.  It also didn’t help that one of my favorite YouTube personalities is a founder and I think she’s super cute.

Signing up for the subscription

Signing up was pretty easy.  I was able to create a profile name and upload a profile picture which I thought was pretty neat for a subscription type thing. I was then prompted to take a quiz which allowed me to explain my likes and for them to better fit me with products that I would enjoy.  After I finished the quiz I was directed to the shipping and billing portion which again, was easy to complete.

Now the part I didn’t like.

After I completed the quiz and billing stuff I was then told that I’d be added to a waiting list however, I was also given an option to be taken off of the waiting list too.  I found that to be odd that I would be told that I’m on a waiting list but to be given an option to be taken off of the waiting list if I was to share links and stuff on Facebook and instagram.  I mean, what if I wasn’t into social media like that and didn’t have an account to facebook, twitter or instagram? Like litterally, I was prompted to share to about 3 different pages and I am sure my Facebook friends are probably cursing me out under their breath for spamming them like that.  Anywho, once I was finished spamming my life away, I received an email telling me when my payment would be taken out of my account as well as when I should receive my first glam bag.  Now I just have to wait for the middle of next month and hope that I get something really neat and worth blogging about.

What are some of your favorite subscription boxes?


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