Colourpop Cosmetics Review.

I will make this blog as short and sweet as possible seeing that I recorded a video over 20 minutes long which will basically tell you the same thing. 

I found this company from watching BreezynFab YouTube tutorial one day and literally fell in love with the color mittens as she was applying it to herself.  A few days later I ended up seeing another lady raving about their products so I had to try it out myself. 

My thoughts about the website and shipping.

The website was pretty easy to navigate.  I was able to filter the products according to finish, popularity, and or color groups.   I felt as though having the website filtered that way made it easier to find the products that fit your style. Once I was finished gawking at the price of their products and placed the items I wanted to buy in my cart, I was able to enter my payment information and shipping details.  Once that was complete, I received an email confirming my order (that was a Thursday).  That Friday I got an email stating that the order was processed and Saturday it was shipped.  On Monday morning I received my products.  *just to back up a bit* just about every single product they sold were $5.  If you were to buy sets/palettes, they were a bit more.  If you bought $30 worth of products or more, you were eligible for free shipping. (U.S residents only I believe. )

The packaging of the products.

As I look at other people reviews about ColourPop Cosmetics, I noticed that they received cute little boxes with their items in it.  I was a bit sad that my products came in a normal standard white package envelope. However, that frown didn’t stay on my face for long.   The first thing I saw as I opened my package was a personalized note reading “Tameka, you’re acute-y”.  I thought that was so neat for a company that’s not so small to send personalized handwritten messages to their buyers.  I know after reading it, I was smiling from ear to ear. 

Each item were individually boxed in its own little white, tiffany’s blue and purple box with the company’s name on it.  I so loved the colors they used because I felt as though it was girly and super cute and yummy all rolled up into one.  Each item also came with instructions as to how to use the product efficiently.

My likes and dislikes about the products.

Any who, as you can see in the video I bought 3 eyeshadow, 2 lippies and 1 lippie stick.  I opened the eyeshadows first since I was so in love with the color mittens.  I don’t know why the pattern indented onto the eyeshadows reminded me of a snake or reptile but that’s the first thing that came to mind as how to describe the pattern.  The touch of each eyeshadow rather it was metallic or matte was super soft and fluffy like.  Like I said about the packaging, it was just a ball of yummy in a tube.  Each color was super pigmented and the metallics were super glittery.  I basically don’t have any dislikes about the eyeshadows at all. I believe I got my money worth plus more. To be honest, I feel as though I got away with theft because the eyeshadows were so well made. 

Now I do have mixed reviews for the lipstick and lip liners.  First off, I bought two lipsticks and a lip liner to match one of the lipsticks.   All of the lip products were labeled as matte finished (I believe the lip pencils didn’t have a finish).  Once I tried on the lipsticks by itself I noticed it had a bit of a shine to it… which isn’t that bad seeing that you can just about turn a shinny lipstick to a matte finish by using translucent powder and a kleenex.  I think the dislike came from the fact that the lipsticks by itself moved a bit too much for my liking and if I wasn’t extra careful it would bleed onto my foundation.  However, if you used it with a liner you were safe.  Again, as I stated in my video, my dislikes are just my personal preference of course and does not alter my decision to buy more lip products in the future. Matter of fact, I will be making another purchase with them this week.

Now onto my likes… I loved the container that the lipsticks came in. Also, I noticed that the lipsticks smelled like vinilla and that was just a bunch of yummy rolled up into one. Lastly, the colors were bold and I really didn’t have to apply it often.  Matter of fact, I don’t remember reapplying the lipsticks at all the night I wore the color bull chick.  I had a drink or three and ate some food and it was still on until I washed my face. You can’t do that with some overly priced lipsticks.

Have you bought any items from ColourPop Cosmetics?

Overall, I loved my items from ColourPop Cosmetics and I would advise anyone buying eyeshadows or lipsticks and lip liners to buy from them first. 

What are your favorite items from ColourPop Cosmetics?


2 thoughts on “Colourpop Cosmetics Review.

  1. Yummy post (;
    About the packaging, I’ve heard you have to order sets to get the pretty box (or be a popular youtuber)..
    I ordered a couple sets last week on Tuesday and the only email I’ve gotten so far is the order confirmation! (What’s taking so long?! I need my Colourpop fix!)


    1. Well that sucks because I’m not a fan of sets and I’m no popular YouTube personality. Lol
      I hope you receive your products soon as it’s no fun to wait for something you’re so eager to get. 😊
      Thank you for reading!!


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