The Person I am Dating Doesn’t Want me to Wear Makeup Anymore.

I would like to believe that this topic was raised many times before in the blog world or at least in small talk with most of us ladies who like to wear makeup. 

I can’t speak for all but I do feel a bit better with myself when I dab on a bit of makeup to start my day.  Don’t get me wrong, I am beautiful without it but every now and again, I like to enhance my beauty with a bit of store bought products.  Many people have asked me sporadically throughout my life if I was wearing makeup to enhance the chance of catching a new Beau.  I would always laugh at them because I wouldn’t want to sound so self-centered if I told them I did it for my damn self.  However, I am sure they got the point over the last 5 to 6 years because I have yet to catch that Beau.  

Back to the topic at hand,  because I wore makeup for the likes of myself and no one else, other people comments or opinions never mattered to me.  I was and still am open to constructive criticism from those who are willing to help me but not from people who want to bring me down.  Needless to say, I met this person while wearing a butt load of makeup one day and after a few conversations, we decided to go on a date.  Well on our date, I wasn’t feeling the whole makeup thing (I have my moments when I just don’t feel like applying anything but lip gloss) so I decided to go bare face.  I noticed that he was a bit taken back with my bare face but reassured me that I looked gorgeous.  We ate and walked around the park and just about had a great time.  Our date was so great that we made plans to go out a few days later.  Now on our second date I decided to wear a bit of makeup.  So far, I am guessing that by now you know that I tend to go for a more natural look.  When I saw him, he shook his head and when I questioned his gesture, he would only tell me it’s nothing.  During this particular date, he wasn’t the same as our first date.  When I got home I tried to piece together all the things I could have done wrong yet, couldn’t think of anything.   So the next day I decided to call him just to see why the sudden change in his attitude.  I guess he felt a whole heck of a lot comfortable over the phone because he had the balls to come at me from the left side of his neck.   (Meaning snappy, or rude.) To sum it all up in a nutshell,  he told me that he didn’t date women who wore makeup.   He felt as though when women wore makeup, they were trying to hide who the really were.  My initial reaction was to laugh because I have never heard such bullshit in my life.  I kindly told him that when he first met me I was wearing makeup and in all of the pictures he requested, I wore makeup as well.  I also told him that I am a makeup artist and would like to showcase my work as well as the fact that I just like wearing it.  Well he grew a bigger pair of balls and told me that we could no longer date if I continued to do so and I’m sure you’ll know I wasn’t going for that.  I kindly gave my farewells and deleted and blocked his number in my phone.  I just couldn’t believe that man.  I mean again, I wore makeup when he met me and I wore it in every picture I sent to him.  I didn’t want to change who I was to benefit him so I kindly gave him the dueces. 

By this happening to me, I believe that:
1. I dodged a bullet with him.
2. I stayed true to myself.
3. I could inspire others who are like me to do the same, hence the reason I am typing this blog.

I like to believe with my whole heart that whomever you are with, if they’re truly with you little things like wearing makeup or whatever wouldn’t bother them.  I also like to believe that you must make yourself happy before letting others do it for you.  Only you can make the decisions in your life.  That’s why it’s your life.  🙂

Thanks for reading!

Do you have a similar story? How did you handle the situation?


2 thoughts on “The Person I am Dating Doesn’t Want me to Wear Makeup Anymore.

  1. Hmmm…he sounds crazy lol and not because of the makeup but because who did he think he was giving an ultimatum like that. He sounds like a controlling nut case and I’m glad you dodged that one. As for the whole makeup piece I think most people I’ve dated have kind of being against wearing heavy makeup and usually within reason I do oblige. Granted, I don’t really WANT to wear heavy makeup on a regular basis anyway so…my struggle usually comes with conversations about how i should wear my hair…uggh.


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