My must need items…

So I’m at my best friend’s house waiting for the baby to wakeup and I’m thinking to myself that I really need to post a blog.  Well so far I have been doing these weekend beats but I really didn’t apply any makeup whatsoever to my face last weekend.   So what better way to introduce to you lovely, beautiful people my must have items so far.   I sort of change my must have items quite often but so far these items have been with me for the long

My first must have item is a newbie.   I introduced it to you this last week or so and have simply fell in love with it.  This is my lippie from Colourpop Cosmetics called Ellarie.  This brown/wine color is just love in a little tube and it is super sexy might I add.  I find myself wearing the lippie by itself… simply blotting the color on my lip just to add a bit of color.  I also wear the liner by itself or with other colors, i.e. a reddish or plum color.  Again, it is just love in a tube. LITERALLY.


The next few items are a bit new to my collection so I’ll make my review of the items super short. 

Another Colourpop Cosmetic goody is my matte eyeshadow called Mittens.  This eyeshadow is a very warm brown, cinnamon color which is great for natural looks.  However, this color is very versatile and can be used for other looks rather than a natural look.   I use this product on myself as well as clients and I am just simply in awe over it. 


The next newbie product is my Bobbi Brown lip gloss called Bare Sparkle.   Last weekend alone, this has been my go to item.  Like I  said before, I really didnt apply any makeup so it was only fitting to put on a touch of this lip gloss.  I normally use this to shine up some of my dull matte lippies when im feeling extra sparkly.  However, I do not use this item on my clients but I am very tempted to go out and invest in a few more of these just as a prize so to say for my returning clients. 


Next is an oldie but goody…

My NYX Matte Bronzer in the shade Deep is a must have for me.  Can I tell you guys my a little secret?  I cried on Saturday because I dropped what little I had left of this bronzer on the bus.  (Nothing fell out, just a few little broken pieces. )  I was so torn because I thought I was gonna lose what I had left.  Like I really had tears going down my cheeks.  Anywho, this inexpensive little item is a great bronzer, I believe.  I use it on my face, neck and chest area for a nice tanned look.  (Yes black girls like to look tanned too, well at least I do.) Not only do I use this for myself, I have a few in my kit for my clients. 


My next oldie but goodie is my good old beauty blender.  I swear, I wouldn’t know what I would do without it.  (Yeah I do, use my makeup brushes duh lol). To create a flawless line free look,  I usually blend my concealers and/or foundations out with this handy dandy tool.  It’s super easy to clean and I use it just about every time I apply makeup for anywhere on my face.  *For you studio fx ppl, I found it really neat to use their body blender.  FYI* 

Last but not least my favorite product of them all, my MAC Conceal and Correct pallette in medium deep.  These super thick concealers can be used all over the face.  However,  when I use this pallette, I tend to use it to conceal my under eye area as well as my blemishes and to clean up my unwanted eyebrow hairs.  (I really hate to wax or tweeze my eyebrows. )  I also have a little trick I use with this pallette to give me my fresh face look that I desperately need when I stay up way passed my bedtime.   Another thing, I’d like to say about this product is a little goes a long way.  A few dabs here and there is all you need. TRUST ME.


Now that wasn’t a lot of items to list but I’m sure it was enough. 

** I had to use screenshots because I didn’t bring any of my makeup items with me. (insert sad face)**

So tell me, what is one of your must have items in your kit?


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