Quick Tip: How I conceal the “bags under my eyes”

Have you ever stayed up a little too late to study for an exam? How about you were out all night with friends and you had to wake up extra early for some big event? Or my favorite, well the excuse I use a lot, you just can’t sleep at night so you read an interesting book or watch some tv and end up staying up all night and into the morning?  Well there comes a time in a girls life where we fail to get enough beauty rest to stay fresh face beautiful. 


Therefore, by using the correcting colors (burnt coral and rich yellow) from my conceal and correct pallet from MAC Cosmetics and the warmth of my fingers, I am able to correct the purplish blue pigment under my eyes giving me a fresh face look. 

1.  After washing, moisturizing and priming my face I use the burnt coral color in the pallette to correct the dark pigment under my eye.  The reason I use this color is because of the reddish tone cancels out the bluish purple color under my eyes.  I apply this color with my ring finger because it’s normally the most gentle finger to use.  *I only swatch the product on my finger maybe twice.*


2.  Next I wipe off the burnt coral color on a paper towel and using the same finger I apply the rich yellow color.  This color cancels out some of the red in the burnt coral color and creates that fresh face look I need to go on with my day.


3.  Lastly, I set the concealers with my matte finish spray by Nyx and I am done. From this point I can apply my regular highlighting routine or add a bit of translucent powder just to make sure the concealer is really set.  


I hope you beautiful people enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial and I hope it helps someone out there looking to conceal their under eye bags.

What would you like to see on my next blog?


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