I was Nominated for a Liebster Award.


So my first reaction to being nominated for the Liebster Award was “what in the world is a Liebster Award and why would Reflections by Mirela nominate me?”
However, the more a read her nomination post I quickly thought that being nominated is such a great opportunity to get to know each other as bloggers. So here I am “sharing the love” as Mirela said, by answering a few questions she came up with… Well here goes nothing lol.

1.  What inspired your blog name?  Well my blog name “Beauty-2-Face is actually my Makeup Artistry name. I have changed my makeup artistry name a few times yet Beauty-2-Face stuck with me and others seemed to think it was a catchy name too.

2.  What motivates you to keep blogging?  My goal is to be a well-known Makeup Artist around the U.S. or even more the World. In order to do that I would have to start a platform to reach people of all sorts and I thought that blogging would be a great way to do so. Plus I have a huge love affair with makeup and I am always eager to share my love with others.

3.  Do you show yourself/your face on your blog?  Why or why not?  Yes I do show my face on my blog as well as some of my lovely clients with their consent of course. I feel as though, because I am blogging mostly about makeup and how to apply it and what not, it is only right that I show my face. Plus, I think that it is very personable to show my face to my readers, you know to be more friendly.

4.  What product do you love, that most people do not? (Or your most embarrassing product purchase you hate to admit)  Hmm, let’s see, that’s a hard one to come up with. Well I guess I can say drug store makeup. Other than Makeup Artists, I know that a lot of makeup addicts my age flock to the MAC Counter to buy all of their makeup needs. Me on the other hand, I am satisfied with going to the beauty store or my local Wal-Mart or Target to buy makeup. Matter of fact, I prefer to shop there for almost all of my personal makeup needs.
I know that this really wasn’t a question but my most embarrassing purchase that I probably wouldn’t want to admit is that I purchased a few makeup brushes from my local Five and Below and I love them.

 5.  What is the latest deal you got on a purchase? I haven’t really bought any makeup since my BH Cosmetics, etc. haul. Therefore, I will have to say my latest deal I got on a purchase would have to be my items from BH Cosmetics. They had a coupon code during that time and I believe I received 20% to 30% off of my purchase.

6.  What do people most oftem assume about you that you are always suprises to hear? I don’t know if this is a good thing but, I am always surprised to hear when someone refers to me as mean or so serious. I am a jokester and I love to have fun. However, before I get comfortable around new people, I tend to hide in my shell and observe so to say. It just catches me off guard when people say that they thought I was mean at first but I turned out to be really cool/down to earth.

7.  Name 5 things you love about yourself!

(1) I am outspoken

(2) I am adventurous to a point where I can have fun yet I don’t hurt myself or get in trouble for it.

(3) I am very family oriented.

(4) I am a hard worker!!

(6) That I can be passionate.

8.  what do you wish people to know about you/your blog that should keep them coming?  I wish that people would know that I am doing this more so for the readers than I am doing it for myself. Yes, I want Beauty-2-Face to be known but more so I want people to enjoy my blogs hence the reason I ask my readers’ questions after each blog. It is my goal to interact with each and every reader and to teach them some of the things I so love to share.

9.  What/where is your “safe place”? This is funny that you ask this question. I would like to believe that only my close family and friends would know the answer to this question. Anyways, I am rambling enough so I minus well just answer the question already… My safe place is *hides behind my shadow* Wal-Mart. Whenever I feel overly stressed or when I feel as though I’ve been hiding in my shell for a little too long, I go to Wal-Mart. I mean, I can spend literally hours in each department browsing over all of their items. Not to mention, I also get my nails done, well I use to get my nails done, in the nail shop inside of the Wal-Mart. I just love Wal-Mart.

10. If you had to choose a new name for yourself what would it be?  This is a really hard question to answer.  I love my name even though it is super common in urban communities.  I really don’t think I would change my name to anything else. 

Now that that is done… I nominate the following:

Polished by Amy
Fierce Villain
This square Peg *sorry I couldn’t locate your url and I am doing this on my phone*
Samone Love’s Amazing Saga

Finally, here are the questions.

1.  If you could go back in time and be any age, what would it be and why?

2.  Do you have a lucky number? If so what is it?

3.  Do you coupon?

4.  If you could be anything in the world what would it be?

5.  What is your favorite item of clothing?

Well that’s all folks.  I want to especially thank the lovely Mirela for nominating me and I hope that we can keep this thing going. 🙂

Until next time Beauts!


One thought on “I was Nominated for a Liebster Award.

  1. I love your answers!!! Thank you for answering them and participating – loved learning about you! It’s amazing how much closer we get as a blogger community – even though we do not know each other personally, when we share just tiny bits of ourselves with others! Thanks again, beautiful! xo


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