May Ipsy Bag 2015


Guess what I got? Just to let you know, you cheated by reading the title of this blog. 🙂

Anywho, so after a whole month (which isn’t that long at all) I received my first Ipsy bag!

If you read my previous blog regarding ordering a makeup subscription box, you would know how excited I was to actually receive this subscription.   For only $10 a month, you can receive 4 to 5  sample sized products; rather it’s for hair or makeup, to your front door.  What I really like about this subscription is that the items are usually new products on the market and that the items are tailored to fit me. 

Well without hesitation, let me get right into my bag. 


Every month we receive a new makeup bag with our items in it.  This month I received this snazzy little bag that fits me to a tee.  Literally,  makeup is my life.  Anywho, the first item I grabbed out of my little bag was a tapered blending 205 brush from Luxie Beauty. 


Not only am I in love with the pink and rose gold handle, I am in love with the fact that it’s a blending brush.  One can never have too many blending brushes because you can use it for other areas of the face, i.e. contouring your nose.  The bristles of the brush are also super soft might I add. 
[This item retails for about $12 at luxiebeauty ]


Next out of the bag, I grabbed this bronzer called Pixi by petra.  The packaging is super easy to open; having a twist off top and the color of the packaging is fitting seeing that this is a summertime bronzer (the actual name is summertime too hee hee).


This bronzer is supper soft to touch.  It also has a bit of shimmer to it which I love. I also love that this bronzer could pass for a regular sized item.  However,  because I like to look tanned and my idea of a bronzer is to give me that sun kissed tan, this item is not meant for me.  I think that this bronzer is very close to my skin complexion to give me any type of tanned look that I believe is acceptable.  

[Now, the actual product retails for about $18 and it comes with a kabuki brush.  However, the bronzer looks a tad bit darker online than it does from the sample. pixibeauty]


The next item is a 1oz Rosario Milk reparation leave-in conditioning spray from Briogeo.  It comes in a mini spray bottle which I have dibs on using later for other hair needs.  The texture of this leave in conditioner is a thin milky liquid once it’s out of the spray and onto your hair.  However,  it feels a bit thicker than it actually looks.  Now the smell of this leave in conditioner is just yummy.  According to the bottle, it is “fortified with a blend of roship, argan, and coconut oils, powerful hibiscus leaf antioxidants and vitamin E”.  No wonder it smells so good, right?
I can’t really give you’ll a good review of how the product feels on my hair because I am wearing braids and my hair isn’t freshly washed. 
[The regular sized 20oz bottle retails for about $20 on their website.]


The next item is a face cleanser, mud to foam daily hydrating cleanser from GlamGlow. This cleanser is for people with dry skin.  By only testing a tiny bit of the product on my hand, I am pleased with this face cleanser.    However, because it says it is a mud to foam cleanser, I thought I would be able to use this as a face mask.  Nonetheless, the cleanser did turn from a creamy substance to a foamy cleanser once I added a bit of water to it.  This cleanser also smells super yummy as it is made with olive leaf extract, coconut water, as well as other yummy smelling oils.  I can’t wait to use this as I may have to hurry and get a regular sized cleanser soon.   [This item retails for about $39. glamglow]


Last but not least,  I received two packages of smoothing and relaxing eye patches (eye contour) by Laboratories Klorane.  I can’t really give you a review on this product as I want to wait to try this out closer to my birthday next month.  However, I can tell you that I am super excited about it because I have a lot of problems with my under eye area.  [ For seven sets of two patches the regular item retails for about $21. Klorane eye patches.  ]

Now, out of all of the products I received today, I can’t hardly wait for next month’s goody bag.  I cannot lie to you’ll, I was hoping for a bit more items regarding makeup itself, yet I am still pleased with the items I did receive.  

I hope you’ll enjoyed my little Ipsy bag review and I can’t wait for next month’s bag to come to share those goodies with you as well. 

Did you receive your Ipsy bag yet? If so what items did you receive?


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