Beauty Subscription Boxes for Women of Color

After receiving my Ipsy subscription box last week, I knew that I should start looking for a beauty subscription box that would best fit women of color.  I was looking for a subscription box that catered to natural hair and of course makeup. 


Now I came across a few subcription boxes for just women of color.  The first box I ran across was Curlbox about two years or so ago when I was on this natural hair kick.  For only $25 a month you can receive 5-7 products for natural hair women. I was super excited to try this subscription box as I was an extreme product junkie at the time.  Like, I would seriously go to Walmart, target or my local beauty supply store and rack up on natural hair products. I would even go grocery shopping for natural ingredients to apply to my weekly hair regimen.
Well, once I got onto their website I had a rude awakening; all of the boxes were sold out.  The only box that was available at the time were the men and children boxes.  I was so hurt and devastated that I contemplated about trying out the men box since my hair was very short then. 
After realizing that I wasn’t going to be able to subscribe at that particular moment, I signed up to be notified when the open enrollment, so to say, would be available. I got an email the next month that I would be able to subscribe around 3pm that day.  I thought I set my alarm but unfortunately, I didn’t and missed the subscription by 45 minutes. 
I’d like to say that I didn’t give up however, I kind of gave up on the idea of ever getting a Curlbox. 


The next box I looked into was Angel Beauty Box.  For $20 I would be able to receive up to  5-7 deluxe items.   I became interested in this subscription because it not only catered to hair products but they included makeup as well.  By filling out a profile and entering your credit information, your subscription box would be on its way.  Also, college students can receive a monthly subscription box for $10 by using their college P.O. box as a mailing address.


The next subcription box I looked into was Cocotique subscription box.  For $20 a month you could receive a beauty box with hair, skin and cosmetics.  You can receive up to 5-8 sample products which were expertly chosen to fit us women of color. 

Next, I looked into several subscription boxes that only catered to natural hair.  Again, I was only looking to sign up with a subscription that could supply my hair needs as well as my makeup needs.  The subscription boxes are as follows:


●  Curl Collection  – For $40 you can receive a one time box filled with full size products from one particular brand.  However, for $35 bi-monthly you can receive the same thing yet you have to subscribe. 


●  Curl Kit – For  $20 a month, you can receive up to 6-7 owner picked sample  sized hair items.  


Dekem Dekem – What made this subscription box so interesting, to me, would be the name. The name Dekem Dekem, to my surprise, came from a name she named her doll during childhood.  The name according to the owner has no real meaning. This subcription is for $23 a month and you can receive a variety of hand picked hair products by the owner.  *the website did not specify as to how many items one could receive in their subscription box.*


Last, but not least,  the last subscription box I ran into was Onyxbox. For $25 a month you will receive up to 5-7 deluxe size sample products a month.  After your 2nd or 3rd subscription you will be able to pick out your deluxe size sample.  This subscription box caters not only to natural hair but skin care and makeup as well.  They also have, for a limited time I might add, a subscription called #onyxbeat which only caters to makeup for $15.  Within the #onyxbeat subscription one will receive 5 full deluxe sized products. 

Now that concludes my little research on women of color subscription boxes.  If you know of any that I forgot to mention please let me know as I am always willing to learn about new companies.  

For more information please check out  hellosubscription for more reviews as well as coupon codes.

Talk to you’ll Beauts later.


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