Episode 1. – My makeup Pet Peeve.

One thing that I’ve learned while being a makeup artist is that you tend to have your own way of doing things.  I also realize that we have our own little pet peeve of the way certain people wear their makeup.  therefore, this little segment that I’d like to have recurring once a month or so will be about my thoughts on makeup donts. 

Now, I can’t speak for others but, I can speak for myself. I am a fan of many things yet what I’m about to explain to you’ll really gets under my skin.  I will give you a hint,  this trend was popular back in the 1990s.  Okay, I will give you another hint… it has something to do with clear lip gloss or lip balm and a black lip liner.  Yup, you guessed it!

                      THIS TREND…



Now, don’t get me wrong, I once was a victim of this trend back in 8th grade when I wanted to be “grown” as my mother would put it.  However,  I’d like to think that I have grown far far away from this trend as humanly possible.  No “shade” to the women who still rocks this lip duo, I just prefer not to.  I also should state that I sometimes like the look of a bold dark liner with a lighter lip color on some complexions.


Well back in the 1990s this fad was very popular within Black and Latino women.  There is no known fact as to who started this trend or why it was started back then.  This trend became  so popular that known superstars would rock this look during photo/video shoots as well as in t.v. sitcoms and movies.  It was so popular that even white women began doing it.   Not many makeup compaines carried black lip liners back in the day so a lot of women would use eyeliners to line their lips. 


I personally like to think that during the time frame this became popular, women of color didn’t have many options when it came to lip liners closer to their complexion.  I also believe that because the fad entails a dark bold liner normally five to six shades darker than the lip color, this became a perfect go to option.

Known black women today, still rock this lip trend yet has adopted to a softer dark brown instead of black liner. 


Now we all remember Rihanna rocking a zombie Chola look back in 2013 right?  Well if not, Rihanna and her folks were mimicking none other than the infamous Mexican female gangsters back in the 1990s. 


Back in the 1990s Mexican women referred to as “Cholas” wore the dark liner with a lighter lip color.  Not only would the wear a nude lip color, they would wear a daring red color as well.  Known artist like Gwen Stephanie, Sandra Bullock as well as others took onto this look either to mimic it or to make fashion statements.  Nonetheless, fashion statements that shouldn’t be worn today. 



Now for those who still need to outline your lips with a black liner and throw on  a clear or nude lip with it, please know that I am not coming for you or throwing shade as others like to call it.  I personally think that the makeup world has grown so much from that dark dark time that we can all put this look to rest.  Just take a trip to your local beauty counter and I am sure they can help you achieve the look you hope to achieve by using other colors.

So what do you Beauts think about this fad? Do you think this look should come back or stay where it’s at?



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