New subscription box…

A little over a week ago I wrote a blog about the different subscription boxes I found for women of color.  To be honest, the box/bag I am about to review really took the cake for me and I already knew which subscription box I wanted to invest in by the time I finished that blog.

As you already know, I was looking for a subscription box, again,  that offered hair and makeup.  Well this company not only have a subscription for hair, they have a makeup subscription too. 


Online Process

The online process was somewhat confusing.  I thought that I was only getting an #onyxbeat bag yet ended up buying the #onyxbox instead.  When I noticed my error I called their 1800 number and the young lady that answered was really sweet. 
Have you ever just felt so comfortable talking to someone and by the time you noticed what had happend, you were already yapping away? Well with this young lady, I felt as though we could chit chat about anything.  Anyway, she cleared up my mistake in no time and by the next day or so my bag was in the process of being delivered to me.  Just to back up a bit, when I ordered the box I went to the how it work tab and from there I was directed to “join now”.  I entered my credit card info and received several confirmation emails stating that I was subscribed.  At this point I didn’t take the quiz yet.  I was told that for the first box they would pick my items for me however after that, I will have the option of picking my “deluxe sample”… which is cool with me.  Well once I received my confirmation emails, I began to question about the quiz.  Once I was in my account I was able to answer all of maybe 3 questions about my hair type and skin complexion and I was done. 



Now, I am not going to go in depth of the items of this box because I am still wearing my braids at the moment.

Anywho, the box consist of the following: 

*I also should mention that I have a slight cold and can’t really smell anything at the moment either. *


●  OGX Quenching Coconut Curls Curling Hair Butter. (Full size)

The texture of this product is really creamy and lightweight.   I can’t really smell but I am told that it smells like coconut *then I got the duh at the end.*  I have tried their products out before, yet I am really excited to try out this curling butter for my twist outs.


●  OGX Healing + Vitamin E Penetrating
Oil.  (Full Size)

I thought that this oil would be really thick like by the way it looked in the packaging but to my surprise it’s just a regular oil.  the scent of the oil is not powerful at all.  I really can’t describe how it smells but it smells good nonetheless. 



●ProFixx Lip pigment in Wonderland (sample size)

Overall I like this product and will buy more in the near future.  The lip pigment has a hint of a minty scent to it which screams out love in a jar for me.  The texture of this product has a nice smooth consistency and does not have a thick feel to it at all.  Although I wish I could have gotten a bigger sample, I can’t really complain about this product at all.  Oh and just by doing a little research, this product is black owned, cruelty free and natural.  Yaasss, I am loving it a bit more now. 


●  CurLuxe Natural Jojoba Mint Moisture Rich Cleansing Tea w/ Cocoa Butter & Rosemary.

I am so upset that I can’t really smell these products right now. However, I do know the first scent that pops out at me is the minty smell.  This shampoo is Paraffin, Parabens, Sulfate and mineral oil free.  It has a very creamy texture and I am quite positive that it will do wonders on my dry kinky hair. 

Last but not least


●  Curl Keeper Styling Cream (sample size)

This packaging will not allow me to test the product out however I can tell you that it is meant to tame textured hair.   According to the back of the package, “Curl Keeper Styling Cream allows easy manipulation of curls into a looser, well defined,  frizz free curl with ultimate softness and clean shine.  Very effective in humidity.  Reactivates with water with absolutely no build-up.”  Sounds like my type of product for wash and goes.  Can’t wait to use it.

Now this subscription box cost $25 a month.  You do not have to resubscribe every month which is a great thing.  Also, say for instance you don’t know how to use a certain product in your box, We Are Onyx offers tutorials on their website as well as on YouTube for all skin types, hair types as well as different looks.

On to the next…

#onyxbeat bag


As I said before this subscription company offers a makeup subscription bag for as low as $15. 

First up…


This picture does this tint no justice… it’s a deep plum color.

●  Cailyn Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint. 
Let me tell you’ll something, every word of this title describes this lip tint to a tee.  This color is very sultry and vampy.  The color goes well on just about any complexion I’ve seen so far on instagram as well as YouTube.  I probably will buy more products from this company but I am not completely sold on the one I have so far.  Although I like the color, I am not a fan of the consistency of this product.   It sort of reminds me of a matte lip tint from NYX because I have to keep applying it to give me the coverage I want.  I do not like the applicator however, the applicator makes it easy to apply the lip tint.  I guess because I am not big on buying lip tints, I don’t know what to really expect once I get the item and then my hopes are down.  However, I do like the product, I just gotta get use to it.  I also want to state that I don’t think this will make a good summer color, but more of a good fall color… but hey, that’s my opinion. 
*retails for $19*



●  Sun tegrity 5 in 1 natural moisturizing face sunscreen in deep bronze

Now I don’t mean to throw any shade but I will sip my tea as I type in the next few words.  “Thank goodness someone got my shade right!” 

I am not a user of sunscreen or tinted moisturizer but I will be interested in buying a full size product of this.  I think it’ll be great on the days I don’t feel like wearing any makeup and perfect for a day out at the beach.  The texture is not too think and it doesn’t feel oily on my skin.  This product is for all skin types and the SPF is set at 30.
*retails for 4.95*


●  Mirabella Eye colour in bitter honey

This Simi matte color is perfect for natural looks.  Its not too shimmery yet not that matte (if you knkw what i mean?).  This copper (yet it kind of looks a bit golden) tint can be used as a transition color or a lid color. I know that once I post this blog I will think of the color I think this resembles from the Anastasia  Beverly collection.  Anywho, I can definitely see myself buying this shade again for my clients makeup kit one day.
*retails for $10*


● Cargo Cosmetics Blush mini in Los Cabos. 

I know that if I did a video on this subscription box, I would have had a hard time trying to pronounce that name. Lol
This summer time shade to me does not fit the description of vampy yet I like the color nontheless.  this peachy color screams out ice tea on a hot summer day.  It is also kinda making me want a peach ice sweet tea from McDonalds.   Anywho, another color that I think would go well on any complexion.  I can so see myself buying more products from them in the near future as well. 
*retail for $9.45*

Last but not least…


●  Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara in Blackest Black. 

Now this product is a little bit of a let down and I love Revlon products.  When I personally buy mascara I look for mascaras with a thick consistency.  This mascara on the other hand is a bit on the wet or liquidy side.  However, I know that some of my clients will love this product so in my client kit it goes.  
*retail for $7.99*

Again, this subscription bag retails for $15 and you do not have to resubscribe for your next month’s subscription. 

I hope you all enjoyed this blog and found this information very useful.  If you have any questions or comments about this blog I would love to answer them.  So until next time Beauts.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned in this blog?  If so leave your reviews down in the comment section as I would love to read them.


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