Back to being girly…

Omg, how I miss you lovely Beauts.  With all that has been going on I feel as though I owe you’ll like a bunch of new blogs. I don’t recall mentioning this to you but I am a proud natural hair having sistah for the most part of maybe 3 to 4 years now.  Now this picture is not the outcome of growing my hair for that many years I should add.  I am a very scissor happy person and will cut my hair at a drop of a dime.  However, I am trying my hardest to turn over a new leaf and grow my hair out for as long as I can.

Well today’s blog, I wanted to introduce a new segment that I would like to have reoccur


First, let’s talk about the hair…

After a year and some change I totally forgot how it felt to dedicate a whole day just to wash and prep my hair for the upcoming week.  Like, I took my braids out Sunday around 12:30am and by 6:30am I was ready to start the washing. 

I pre-conditioned my hair by saturating my hair with water then using Queen Helene Super Cholesterol for extremely damaged hair and began detangling my hair. 

*note to self don’t leave your braids in for 3 months… even if you dry shampooed your hair regularly.

After I let that sit in for 20 Minutes or so I washed my hair 3 times.  1st was with a clarifying shampoo by Pantene Pro V and the next two times was with the shampoo I received from my OnyxBox A few weeks or so.

After I shampooed my hair, I applied OGX Coconut  Milk Conditioner and let is sit for about 20 or so minutes under a hair dryer.

After I washed the conditioner out I added my favorite leave in conditioner(Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioning repair cream), detangled my hair some more and went about my daily chorus.  

Once I was finished with that I two strand twist the perimeter of my hair and three strand twist the top of my hair for more definition.   The following morning I rubbed some of the oil I received in my onyx box and gently unraveled my twists gently and plucked my hair to make it look more full.

How do you style your natural hair ladies?

I hope you all enjoyed this brief blog.


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