Strobing: the new makeup trend.

Hey Beauts!

Did ya miss me? Well I missed you. 

Have you seen or heard about this new makeup trend called “strobing”?

Well if not, I found out a few things that I thought would interest you.


Now I’m pretty sure this style of makeup made its debut some time ago yet, we are just now making a name of it.  Like this look reminds me of the 70’s type of look.  Actually, I think Jlo invented this trend, I’m sure. Lol.  Now the object of this trend is to illuminate the areas of your face that light is more prone to hit i.e. the highest points of the face. That’s it. 

●  If you have overly oily skin… stay away from this trend.
●  If you dislike glowing/wet looking makeup… this is not for you.
●  overly using liquid and/or powder illuminator… back away
●  Not so much a night time look.
●  If you do not like fairies and unicorns… this isn’t for you either.

● Perfect for people with dry skin who would like to achieve the glowing/wet look.
● A great way for me to use a matte foundation.
● A great way to contour in less time.
●  Overly using liquid and/or powder illuminator.
● A great day time look.
●  Walking around like you’re kin to a fairy.

And I think that’s about  it. 

Now, I have to be honest with you Beauts… I wasn’t completely sold on this new trend at all.  Like I needed that darker shade to pull my cheeks in or to make my nose look a tad bit smaller until I came up with a solution… well I tried to. 


The first solution was to highlight as a would normally do and then apply the illuminator on top to seal the concealer.


The next time I tried this lovely trend I stuck to the rules and only applied the illuminator.  However,  I did apply the illuminator on my jaw bone area to sort of make my chubby cheeks seem a bit smaller.  Nonetheless, I did like both looks and they took me a fraction of the time to apply my makeup and be on my way.  

Also, I might add that I used a matte foundation for both looks and because my skin is somewhat dry, I did not apply a primer.

Now I hope you’ll enjoyed this blog as I enjoyed researching about it. 

Have you tried this new trend yet?  Do you think it will take over the whole contouring concept?


2 thoughts on “Strobing: the new makeup trend.

  1. You look great ! And I’m excited about trying this. I know this may sound weird but …I kinda don’t like the whole sculpted cheek bone look on me from contouring. But I do enjoy raidiant makeup & fairies. Thanks for the info ! 😊

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