Birthday Makeup…

I know I am mad late for posting this blog seeing that my birthday was on June 17.  *insert straight face here*

This year’s birthday celebration will go down in  the books as being the most non-eventful birthday ever. Oh wait maybe after the time I stayed in bed on my birthday back when I turned 20 because I was no longer a teenager. Anyways I really didn’t do much but I am thankful for another year.

Now with that said the next couple of makeup looks are just makeup looks for my birthday. 



*I thought I’d try something different this time and add a bit of color. I called this look my sunshine look as well as my Orange is the New Black look. Lol


*this look was a result of a rush job.  I was too caught up on the 3rd season of Orange is the New Black and totally lost track of time.   This picture was also taken after the club might I add. (Side note: I am in love with my new frames.)

I thought I might add my birthday present to myself seeing that this young lady in my area did an awesome job on my henna art.




Anywho… I hope you enjoyed my little blog on my birthday looks.

Question for my Beauts.

Anyone celebrating a birthday soon? Happy Birthday!


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