Episode 2 – My makeup pet peeve… Eyebrows edition.

I hope you all enjoyed the last episode of my pet peeves in the makeup world.  If you have yet to read it make sure to take a look.


Anyways this next topic to me is another big one.  I find myself cringing at the thought of having to recall the many times I have walked around with bad eyebrows.   Yes I said it bad eyebrows.  I for one am not proud of the fact that I must admit to you all that I once struggled with my eyebrows at one point in time…  Actually, it wasn’t that long ago now that I think about it.


Now if I have never told you before, I love eyebrows.   I love that they come in  different shapes and sizes and that they tend to be a key part of the face to apply makeup to. Now with that said, I also like the fact that makeup should be worn to enhance your natural beauty and not to transform you into someone you’re not.  Yes it is nice to want to look like Beyonce, Rihanna, or even Kim Kardashian but that is not the way you were intended to look. 


Now back to the eyebrows, there are four parts to an eyebrow in my opinion.  I also should add that ykue eyebrows are sisters, you really dont have to spend so mucn time trying to make them look identical. 

Now first you have the beginning of an eyebrow which normally starts where the bridge of your nose and nostril meet (as seen in the diagram above, labeled (a).

Then you have the arch which to me is the second part of your eyebrow.  The arch should start by the iris of your eye.  (again, referring back to the diagram, part (b)


Next, you have the tail of an eyebrow which is right after your arch of course but it extends to measure about the length of the corners of your nostrils extending outwardly to the outer corner of your eye. last but not least, part a and c should line up together, creating the final part of the eyebrow, part d.(again, referring back to the diagram, part (c) and (d))  

Too many times I have seen where we have started our eyebrows too close together or they were extended too far out which makes our face look unproportional.  Furthermore, the shape of our eyebrows should go accordingly to our bone structure. 


Therefore, try keeping your sculpted eyebrows as close to looking like a natural brow. (Unless you are looking for that wow moment.)

I hope you all enjoyed this episode of my makeup pet peeves. 

Question for you Beauts.

Can your eyebrows make or break a good makeover?


One thought on “Episode 2 – My makeup pet peeve… Eyebrows edition.

  1. I think the eyebrows frame the face , your makeup will never look well done if your eyebrows aren’t groomed and done properly! I think everyone is allowed a bad brow day every so often especially if your products aren’t working out for you , but I have to say its a pet peeve of mine too :/

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