On Today’s Episode of Who’s face is it Anyways…

I owe this look all to Ms. Alissa Ashley of Instagram and Youtube.  Her unicorn zipper face was a big inspiration for this look and I was so happy with my ending results.  

Now a little history about my skills.  I have never done special effects makeup, especially something like this before.  I am a certified makeup artist but my education somehow only covered the pretty side of it all.


Getting down to the details…

Starting off, I mapped out where I wanted the peeling skin to be with my liquid latex.  Next I ripped up a sheet of paper towel  (smooth surface) and placed it on top of the liquid latex.  Once the pieces of paper towels were down, I placed liquid latex on top and let it dry. 


Once it was dry, I placed my shade concealer and foundation on top to blend the paper towel with my skin.  Once I was satisfied with the color and the way my now fake skin looked… I gently peeled up the fake skin to give the illusion that I had fake skin.  Next, i began to work on the other side of my face.


Now I wasn’t a fan of the purple cream makeup by rubies.   I thought that the consistency was too watery and I had to apply too much in order to receive the results I wanted.  On top of that I had to place colourpop cosmetics eyeshadow in dare over top of the parts of the purple that was just too light for my liking.  Next I grabbed a lighter purple shade from my NYC individual eyes eyeshadow pallette for green eyes to highlight with. Then I followed up by using colourpop cosmetics eyeshadow in too shy to add a bit of dimension back to my face. 

I then popped on some random eyelashes that I found in my lash bin doubled them up on top and then placed a pair of my favorite kiss lashes (number 11) to my bottom lash line.

I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I did while creating this look.


Do you know what you’re gonna be for Halloween yet?


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