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So lately I have been hearing a lot about Lush cosmetics facial scrubs and mask that I just had to go and pick up a few things for myself at my local store in Pentagon City Mall. First off, I have no idea how long this location has been open but today was my first time in the store. 

Now I am pretty sure a lot of you’ll know about this brand yet, because I’m a newbie and I know there are others out there, I will hip you’ll to a few little fun facts that I learned today while purchasing my new little items:

●All Lush products are tested on humans rather than animals. 

●The products are hand made from their compounds (the men and women in the kitchen flippin their risks). (lol sorry, that’s how I picture them making these beautiful products.)

●Every product is 100% Vegetarian and 81% Vegan.  (I feel as though that’s one healthy aspect to my life.)


●You can collect five empty black pots (containers) to receive a free facial mask in return.


Now onto the items I bought.

To be honest with you all, I did walk in with a plan of action.   My goal was to go in and get a face mask/cleanser and a few bath bombs.  However, I’d like to say I did just that but I ended up getting two face products and two bath products. 


Retail for $36.95 + tax

The first face/body product I bought was this Ocean Salt face and body scrub.  A vodka infused cocktail for bright fresh skin.  The coarse and fine sea salt scrub mixed with organic lime juice to brighten and avocado butter to soften. 

I was able to test this item out on my hand and let me tell you’ll… I was a bit embarrassed as to how lighter my hand was from the hand I didn’t use the product on.  My exact words to the young lady helping me (by the way her wing liner was on point) was “I did take a bath today and washed my hands like several times”.  She burst out laughing at me and said that it was normal because that was what the product was for.  Now with that said I had to have this face/body scrub.  Not to mention the young lady helping me told me that using this product is great for after shaving… leaving your skin silky-


Retails for $9.46 for .21 lbs

Next, I bought the Movis facial soap which is great for people with dry skin.  Now when the young lady showed my this product, I thought it was a piece of bread.  However, when she started to explain what this item did, I was sold before she could test the product out on me.  Now, this product is vegan and is made with wheat based ingredients and vitamin E.  It has a delicious cocoa butter smell to it and the little bread crumbs are a soft way to exfoliate your face.  It even has a slight foaming effect which I love.


Retails for $11.95 + tax


Retails for $6.75 + tax

The next two items are my bath products.  The first item is a bubble bar called The comforter which I can use up to two times.  It’s suppose to give you this soothing, comforting feel in the bath tub just as your cozy comforters would on your bed.

The last item is simply love in a ball.  This bath bomb is called the Sex Bomb.  Now I really hope it lives up to its name because this little bomb is full of natural aphrodisiacs to put anyone in a soothing mood *wink wink*. 

Also, might I add that both of these items are vegan and they smell so good.

Well… I hope you guys enjoyed this blog just as much I did as well as found it helpful for your next visit to Lush Cosmetics.

** Hey Beauts, what are your favorite items from Lush Cosmetics?  Leave your answer in the comment section below. 

Also, don’t forget to share this blog with a friend.  I look forward to next time.

Love ya!


One thought on “Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

  1. Ahhhhhh! I love Lush! Love ocean salt but hate the price, you should try the shower gellies they feel cool and smell awwesome, also like honey i washed the kids. ..but I’m obsessed with all thing honey scented, and the bath bars are cool cuz you only need a small piece at s time and the bath bombs make you’re water all pink and pretty with little flowers love love love

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