Oh my oh my, it’s my Raye Raye collab with Colourpop Cosmetics.

*Queue it’s my RayeRaye theme music*

We all have a few favorite YouTube personalities that we watch faithfully.  One of my favorite personalities is Ms. Raye Boyce aka Itsmyrayeraye. I just love the fact that she’s down to earth and she caters to people who can’t afford the expensive brand makeup that’s sold in high end department stores.  Not to mention,  she’s goofy and free spirited like myself.

A few odd weeks ago, Ms. Raye announced that she was doing a collaboration with  Colourpop Cosmetics in which she produced two lip colors and a lip liner.  I was so excited because for one, she’s a fav and two, I love me some Colourpop Cosmetics.  Now, we all know how reasonably priced their products are so, for less than $20 you can get these lippes yourself.




**Attention!  I have found my new favorite nude lip.**

Pair this beige, pinky tone lip with the right lip liner and everyone can wear this and be happy. The lip liner to is a bit more on the ashy side so it makes this color a bit more wearable for all skin complexions.  All in all, I really do love this color and can see myself making this an everyday staple.



*Attention!  I think they’re both my new favorites*

This cool tone mauve color is to die for.  Again, I believe that just about every skin complexion can wear this color and look beautiful.   Not to mention that this ultra matte lippie sort of changes its color with each complexion which to me is gorgeous.

Now this is my first ultra matte lip color from Colourpop Cosmetics and I’m sure it will not be my last.


**fun fact… according to a few sources on Instagram, Stingraye is a dupe for Jefree Star Cosmetics matte lip color androgyny.

Well Beauts, I hope you enjoyed my blog for today and that you’re now in the market to go out and buy these lippie soon.  Because Honey… they’re so worth it.

Thank you for taking your time out to read this blog and I look forward to reading your comments. Also, don’t forget to like and follow #Beauty2face.

Check out my ombre lip using Ellarie, Stingraye and tootsie from Colourpop Cosmetics.



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