Lush Me Up A Good Time

So a while back I told you all about my first time at Lush Cosmetics store and how I just love their products.  Well that “love” feeling is now replaced with the “obsess” feeling and I think I can now admit that I may have a small Lush Cosmetics addiction.  (It’s kind of funny that as I am typing about my addiction to Lush Cosmetics, a commercial for people with addictions is playing on the television.)   I just love the fact that all of their products are made with love for all living things on this earth. 

Anywho, here are a few bath bombs that I have tried so far. 

(Excuse the snapchat snippets as this is the only footage I have.) 

The Fizzbanger (Pow) 

The sex bomb 

(Not a bath bomb)  unicorn horn

Here are others that I don’t have footage for…

If you have not tried one yet, you really should.  They will leave your skin feeling so soft and your feet… You may be able to skip a pedicure or two. All of these bath bombs played a different roll and they were so worth the money. 

I hope you enjoyed this quick blog.  

What is your favorite bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics? 


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