Oh My Kylie… My first purchase from Kylie Cosmetics

So I finally got my hands on Kylie’s new lip kits and I can actually say that it is worth the money they are asking for.  When I first found out that she was making a new cosmetic line I instantly became happy for her.  I mean, everyone and their mother talked about the girl’s lips so why not make money off of it.

Now just as a disclaimer, I heard a lot of bad reviews on her metallic lip kits so, I really wont spend my money on those.  I think I would rather stick with Colourpop Cosmetics  when buying metallic lip kits where I know My little $6 will go a long way.

Anyways, starting on the first three-line-up (couldn’t afford five lip kits), we have Dolce K.

Being totally honest with you, I was scared to buy this color because of the formula change from the beginning of her launching her new lip kits.  I’ve heard beauty vloggers say that the product was a thicker formula and did not feel as drying as other matte liquid lipsticks and they were correct.  It felt as though I had nothing on my lips the whole entire day.

Next up we have Skylie… If you follow any of my social media accounts, you know that I was super excited to purchase this lip kit.  On some days you may find my mood to be on the daring side so, picking up an off the wall shade to wear would almost always be on my agenda for makeup shopping.  Swatching the product was really nice.   However, this color is not a shade for me.  Let me rephrase that, this color without another color lip liner is not the color for me.

To me, my lips just looked extra big and just clownish like.  I don’t believe I wasted my money buying this lip kit, I just would have wanted to maybe buy the lip color instead of the whole kit itself.

Finally, we have the color 22.  Again, this color was a bit of an impulse buy.  I knew I wanted Skylie, but I didn’t decide to buy this shade or Dolce K until the last-minute.  I first saw this color on Jackie Aina snap chat a week or so ago and thought it looked beautiful on her.  I know her and I are two completely different shades but I decided to test the waters and buy it anyways.

Lord was I excited that I bought this lippie.  This blood orange/orange-red color looked so beautiful on my complexion.  Like, I actually dare my darker skinned sisters to try this color.  I am sure it would look awesome on you.


Now the process of getting everything wasn’t very nice.  I have been trying to purchase a lip kit from her for quite sometime now and every time I go to purchase the items in my cart, they wind up sold out.  Therefore, this time, when they announced that the website was open on instagram, I rushed to put everything in my cart.  Like I had to do some research first before the website became available for us to start purchasing our items.

Overall, would I purchase more lip kits from her in the near future, yes.  Like I said before, I do believe the products are worth what she is asking for.  I just pray that she gets a handle on her metallic lippies and fix the issue with those first so I can purchase a few of those.



Which Kylie Lip Kits do you have?  Would you purchase more from her in the near future?


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