American Woman!!



Left to right:  Jellies – Colourpop Cosmetics, GLI 06 (silver) – NYX, Milk – NYX (eyeshadow base) and Rebel Red – Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick.


Happy 4th of July!!



So today I decided to do something a bit different from last year.  Last year’s look was classic and elegant. Therefore, this year I wanted to do something different yet daring so to say.  This look was totally out of the normal for me and I have never done such a playful look like this before… So I hope you enjoy.

Starting this look off, I began to applying NYX – Milk eyeshadow base all over my lips as a base/primer.  Next I set the base using a white eyeshadow from my coastal scents palette.  After I set my base I went in with the colors adding the red and blue lippies in each corner.  I noticed that the red color was a bit see-through so I used a bit of my red eyeshadow to set the liquid lipstick in place and the got rid of the see-though effect it was giving me.  Last but not least, I added a pop of glitter using my NXY glitter base to place the glitter securely on.



I hope you enjoyed this blog post and hope to see more interesting looks like this in the future.  Also, stay safe out there this holiday.

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How are you celebrating your 4th of July?






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