Chapter 2 of My life as a Brace face

So I survived my first month of wearing braces.  I just recently got my braces tightened which wasn’t that bad like I originally thought.  My first thought is that the pain would end up being worse than when I first got them on.  Luckily, it was the exact opposite.  I believe I was uncomfortable for maybe all of two days.

My Orthodontist placed the same size wire on both bottom and top rows however, she added a thicker wire to my right top side molars in order for my one tooth to drop down (my problem tooth).

Overall, I do see a difference in my smile and I am quite intrigued as to how my smile will turn out at the end of all of this.

top photo – my first application

second photo – the end of my first month

 The end of my second month


For all f those first time braces wearers, how are you coping with your new grill (teeth)?




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