My Must Have Items – Braces Version



Seeing that it has been three months since I first got braces, I sort of developed a must have item list for my dental up keep.  After a few thousands of dollars worth of dental work, I now believe that it is essential to keep the health of my teeth, bones and gums together at all times.

Starting from left to right…

My Belmint Water Pik- When I first got braces this item was such a life saver.  Already my teeth were really close together, especially my molars, which made it quite uncomfortable to floss between them. More so, I always felt as though like I left food behind after I flossed, so I like to go behind my flossing with the water pik to make sure I got everything I needed to get out.

This water pik came with three piks and a tongue scraper, which I haven’t gotten the hang of using just yet.  Furthermore, because the pik came with three piks I like to exchange them each month like I do with my tooth-brush.


Next up we have dental floss.  Now I can actually say that I do swap from different brands of floss from time to time.  I started to buy this brand from CVS which was a waxed thread but I found this dental floss to be much cheaper and convenient since I can purchase it at my local Walmart.

The main thing that I look for when purchasing my dental floss is to have a threader.  I have tried to floss my teeth with regular dental floss but it just took too much time to get the thread under the wire and to floss.


Oh my love for Sensodyne tooth paste.  So remember when I told you that after my fillings on my right side of my mouth, I developed extra sensitive teeth?  Well with the help of this tooth paste, I am able to eat sweets now, even cold and hot foods.  At first I avoided eating anything on that side of my mouth and I would like to say that I managed to hold my mouth a certain way so that cold air wouldn’t hit those problem teeth.  Since I have been using this tooth paste I have noticed a great change with my problem areas and I no longer have as much pain as I once did before.

Next up we have intradental brushes.  Now I don’t have a brand preference regarding this product.  I normally just search for the smallest brush and go with that.  This product is perfect for getting food from around your brackets as well as in between your teeth however, I would avoid trying to fit the brush between my teeth especially if your teeth are tight like mine.

My favorite item, well my next favorite item would be the Act mouthwash for braces care.  I would like to think this product helped me out a bit with the uncomfortable feeling when I get my braces tightened.  I don’t feel a burning feeling like I normally do with most mouthwash and this somewhat brightens my teeth after every use.

Finally, you have my helpful toothbrush that I got from my local walmart.  I don’t quite know the brand of this product because its not etched into the rubber material on the actual tooth-brush.  This tooth brush was maybe all of $9 and it came with about 10 attachments.  I find this tooth brush easier to use rather than our normal designed toothbrush for the fact that it is a circled brush rather than a rectangle.  I also like the fact that it is battery operated and it came with batteries as well.

So far these products have helped me out tremendously over these last few months.  I am sure I will find something else a bit better somewhere else but so far I can’t go without them.

I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed giving you the details.  Dont forget to like, follow, comment and share.



What is your favorite teeth cleaning product?




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