My July Ipsy Bag

Yes, you’ve read the title correctly, I’ve re-subscribed to Ipsy’s monthly makeup bags.  I was not a fan some time ago, but seeing all of the neat goodies they were giving out over the last few months or so made me reconsider.

Now, if you’re not familiar with this subscription, Ipsy is a cosmetic subscription that gives you approximately 4-5 sample products, rather it be makeup, nails, skin care or hair products.  You simply take a get to know me quiz and they will send you products that are according to your answers from that quiz.  Personally, I feel as though they still give you the products that they wish to give you because I don’t really care for nail polish yet they continue to give it to me.  I also don’t care for hair products seeing that majority of the hair products aren’t good for my hair as well as the fact that I am usually wearing braids and cannot wear the product.

This month, I wasnt really excited about any of the products I received in my makeup bag.  I thought the makeup bag was cute with its metallic beach like feel to it but that’s about it.  Some of the products were products I really did not need as well as want.  Starting with the hair product they decided to send me.

Granted, if I wore my hair out I would be able to use this product.  The packaging was pretty neat and I like the idea of the product especially when I have my hair straightened on hot, humid days.


Next up we have an eyeliner pencil.  I am familiar with this product however, I don’t think I own any products from them at the moment.  I like the formula of this eyeliner pencil as well as the fact that it comes with a built-in sharpener.  I am not a fan of the color for myself however, I can always keep this item in my makeup kit for others.


Now this product I was actually interested in.  I am always searching for new and different primers to help my makeup stay on longer.  Not only do I want my primer to help me out with my makeup but to also help the health of my skin and I believe this primer does the trick.  I decided to try this product out one morning when I didn’t get enough rest the night before (staying up talking on the phone like teenagers can really cost your sleep).   The smell of the primer was very refreshing as you could smell the coconut fragrance as soon as you squeezed it out of its tube.

This primer left my face feeling refreshed and added a slight glow to it as well… just as if I got my regular eight hours of sleep.  I also used it as a moisturizer for the days I only decided to wear eyebrows and lashes.

Now I will say that if you are going to use a luminous/dewy foundation, especially if you have oily, normal or combination skin, I would not use this primer.  Normally my face can be a bit on the dry side but lately I have become an oil monster.  Anyways, I applied this primer together with my Laura Mercier Luminous Candle Light Glow foundation in pecan, and became a nice glossy/greasy beat face within 15 minutes of applying my full face.  I know I had to have blotted my face over 8 times and then decided to take it off before I’ve had my face on for 8 hours.

I am for certain that once I am out of this little tube, a trip to Sephora to buy this product will be next move.


You can never have too many mascaras can you?  This isn’t Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara but it will do the trick.  This mascara didn’t apply clumpy, giving me the spider lash look that I hate, as well as it washed off easily with my makeup remover wipe.

Overall, would I refer this item to my friends, depending on the price maybe, but other than that I believe I can buy a drugstore brand and be just as fine with that.

Finally, we have a setting powder.  After many tries with my Ben Nye Luxury powder, I thought that I could give this product a try.  This banana powder did not leave a noticeable yellow tint once I dusted the product off and it didn’t sink into my under eye wrinkles too bad. I think this is another product I was happy to receive in my Ipsy bag.


I was a bit disappointed with July’s bag yet, I was surprised how well the products I thought I wouldnt like worked.


Did you receive an Ipsy bag for the month of July?  If so, what products did you receive in your ipsy bag?


Dont forget to like, comment follow and/or share.  Can’t wait to share with you next time.





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