New Item Alert – Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF

Starting off I can tell you that this item is now in my must have pile of goodies.  I was introduced to this product by a makeup consultant at my local Sephora and when she told me this primer was the truth, Baby, it’s the truth.  Not until I turned 29 I noticed the increasing size in my pores.  Not only that, I noticed that my T-zone areas was getting more and more oiler by the minute.  I didn’t really have enough products at home to clean my oily face so I went to Sephora for some advice.

After telling her about my increasing pores and my now oily skin while keeping in mind that I still have combination skin, she directed me to the Murad section where she showed my this primer.  I wasn’t really convinced that this primer could do all that it said it could do so I asked for a sample to just try it out.  Boy was I amazed at how airbrushed my foundation looked once I applied it on top of Murad Invisiblur.  Not only that, I didn’t get as oily as I normally would throughout my work day leaving me not to blot my face so many times a day.  Needless to say, I went back the next day to purchase the item for myself.

The following day, I didn’t really feel like wearing a ton of makeup so I just applied the Murad Invisiblur serum as my primer again, did my eyebrows and applied a light layer of foundation on certain areas of my face to hide my blemishes and I was still amazed at how well my skin looked.

Also, to make matters even more better, this product leaves your face feeling so smooth.  I just love love this product.

This product is good for normal, oily, combination and dry skin and it helps fight the signs of aging the more you wear it.

Now, I can honestly say that this product is a bit on the expensive side and it isn’t something you would let others use  because of the price ($65 for 1 oz).  I know the price can alter your decision on purchasing this item so I am happily saying to you, don’t be afraid to ask for samples.

I hope you all enjoyed this little blog as much as I enjoy doing product reviews.  Dont forget to like, comment, follow and share this blog with your makeup friends.  Until next time… smoochez.

**Have you tried any of the Murad products?  If so, which products do you like the most?


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