My hair, Oh My Hair

So in my previous blog, I shared the news of me changing my hairstyle from my curly to my warrior looking locs.  I am known to change my hairstyle to match my current attitude for the season so, it really was no shock to me that I made this decision to go for a more permanent look.

So a little about my previous hairstyles.

Back when I was 19 or so, I ended up starting locs using the coiling method and had them for about 3-4 months.  I wasn’t a huge fan of them because I didn’t really feel pretty with them in,  I couldn’t wash my hair and I couldn’t change my hairstyle the way I wanted to.  Also, around that time I started a new job and through my Mom’s advice, having “dreads” as she called them, wasn’t very professional.  I took her advice and wore wigs while at work.  That was a big no no because the wigs were rubbing up against the locs, causing them to frizz and more so thinning out my damn edges.  I ended up combing and cutting them out, relaxed my hair and was rocking a short hairstyle for a while.

That became boring because soon after, I wore weaves with a portion of my hair out.  I think I had to have been wearing my hair like that for a year or two before I noticed that my edges and the portion that I decided to leave out all the time had gotten thinner and thinner which gave me no choice but to cut it again.  This time, I stayed away from the relaxers and allowed my natural hair to grow and be glorious.  My hair was so healthy at that point because I didn’t really do much to it besides wash it and do twist-outs once a week.  Me doing my hair every day got old and I decided to get braids and when that got old I decided to cut my hair into this bomb tapered look.  At that moment, I knew tapered styles were for me.

When my tapered styles got too long for me, I decided to go to the barbershop and cut my hair even more.  I was out there looking like a little chubby boy.  I wore makeup to mask the fact that I wasn’t too proud of my hair.  Once my barber told me that he liked me better with hair, I stopped cutting my hair and decided to let it grow back but was drawn to those clippers like magnets to a refrigerator because I ended up cutting my hair again and eventually kept it that way.  I was still relaxer and weave-free at this point but I was known to straighten my hair too often.  I noticed that my natural curl pattern wasn’t the same plus, I was tired of doing my hair every day so I decided to get braids for a bit.  Little did I know,  that was damaging my hair as well because I wasn’t able to properly care for my hair as I would have without the braids.  Plus, I kept the braids in too long and they were pulling my hair out.  At this point, I had had enough and wanted something completely different that I couldn’t change and was going to have to try my hardest to keep up with it.

While having braids, I tried out the faux-locs style and absolutely loved them.  I wanted my hair to magically appear like that permanently but knew damn well that I didn’t want to pay a lot of money to do so.  At that point, I started to do my own research and came up with my must haves.

  • Must be able to wash my hair when I want to.
  • Must be able to go to the salon only once a month.
  • I want them to be small
  • I want them to be able to cover my shaved sides and back/full looking.

Once I got my must-haves out of the way, it was time to find a hairstylist to do it.

Now, here is where I went wrong…

I found numerous of hairstylists in the DMV area whos work looked amazing.  A lot of them offered my must haves and I was very pleased by that.  The only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that they weren’t near my house and I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for maybe 35% of styled hair.  That seemed to be a bit nerve wrecking for me and I really wasn’t about that life.

I was determined to find a hairstylist close to home and by God’s grace (or maybe not) I found her on styleseat.

I was so excited to have found a loc technician just 3 minutes away from my house that I called her up and demanded a consultation that day.

**Now what bothered me during this part of the process is that I had to ask for a consultation oppose from her requesting that I make that instead of an appointment.  **

So I go there and she looks at my hair and hears my must-haves and offers a whole different service than the service I originally wanted.  I agreed because at this point I trusted her and made an appointment to come in during the next week.

I got there, she washed my hair and started to section my hair out.  Not once did she ask me if the size she was creating was okay or if I liked the way the loc came out once she did the first one.  Once again, this is a permanent hairstyle.  At that point, I didn’t want to say anything and thought that it was just hair and that if I didn’t like it, I could comb it out or my favorite, cut it.  The service took 5 hours and once everything was all said and done, I was pretty pleased with the look of them; although I did walk out of that salon looking like Killmonger from the movie Black Panther.

I went home fixed my hair to my liking and was in awe of my hair.  A week later I decided to wash my hair because it itched so bad from the edge control that I thought I was going to rip a hole into my scalp.  After I washed and conditioned my hair (which I found out from two youtube channels that you shouldn’t condition your locs because they will start to unravel), I noticed that a lot of the locs weren’t actually loc’d.  I was pissed because I trusted her for one and two one of my must haves were to be able to wash my hair.  I then contacted her and she told me that I washed my hair too soon. **insert straight face emoji here**.  I made an appointment to get them fixed the following day.

Once it was time for my first retwist, I wasn’t too hyped about going back to her yet, I couldn’t find another hairstylist in time to book my appointment with.  I ended up getting a retwist and pin-curls which didn’t take at all and said that this is all in the process of getting your locs to mature.

I know that I tried to skip several steps within the loc’ing phases but unbeknownst to me, I am going through those phases, just not as drastically as I would have if I gotten my hair coiled like I did back when I was 19 or so.

Overall, I love my hair and I think it has changed my mind completely to what I once thought being beautiful was.    Because I wore my hair straight or created a curl pattern that was different than my acutally curl pattern, I forgot how to just let it be.  I feel regal and elegant with my frizzy locs with or without makeup.  I feel free and bold all at once and I can say my hair being this way is the reason why.

**So with all of that said, I just wanted to say… you are beautiful no matter what your hair looks like.**

Love y’all forever Beauties.

XOXO –  Meek


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